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The National Association of Christian Counselors is a Christian ministry established in 2008 to train Biblical counselors and teachers to assist local churches and to help meet related needs. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between faith and life so that as the individual’s relationship with God grows, they begin to live for God’s glory. As change takes place, they experience His peace and joy.

We believe that in order for the non-Christian community to turn to the church for help, Christian workers must have professional credentials, thus providing an opportunity to share our faith and lead them to salvation.

The main purpose of NACC is to provide adequate training for local Pastors and Christians who feel the call of God to counsel. Once trained, counselors are provided with credentials through the National Association of Christian Counselors. Our goal is to offer counseling to all persons in need of help and training for those who desire to help others. The student will receive the ability to understand themselves, their loved ones, friends, and co-workers. Our training will also provide the student with the essential experiential learning necessary for working in the field of Christian counseling.

The National Association of Christian Counselors (N.A.C.C.), a subsidiary of Christian Bible Institute & Seminary, Inc.