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Loss and Grief Training Certification Program

The Loss and Grief Training Certification Program

Are you a Pastor, clergy member, church member, counselor, therapist, social worker, or other person that wants more effective tools for helping people through loss? Are you or someone important to you suffering from a loss? The Loss and Grief Training Certification Program is for you!

The Loss and Grief Training Certification Program is designed to help others move beyond death, divorce and other losses including relationships, health, career, business, faith and other losses we are likely to encounter in life.

As a person goes through this program, they will be able to identify what the Bible has to say about handling the losses of life. To grieve is human; how to grieve Christianly is supernatural. It requires us to invite the Holy Spirit to guide us through the grieving process. This study also provides guidance in the use of Scripture to help the grieving. It offers biblical coping methods for facing loss and comfort to those who have faced loss.

What Can I do With This Certification?
Grief counselors practice in many varied settings today. The services of grief counselors are in much demand throughout our country and throughout the world. This was made evident during recent past traumatic national disasters and events which have occurred, and in which there had been identified a serious lack of grief counseling services. Grief counselors today work for and/or practice in the following areas; hospices, funeral homes, acute care and long-term care facilities, for private churches, for public and private social service agencies, in private practices, as grief educators, and in other similar types of practice settings. Many grief counselors also work as volunteers for these types of agencies. Grief counselors also are in demand as the funeral services industry continues to transform itself in offering After-Care programs. Many grief counselors also actively participate in community grief support groups.

Program Overview
Session One – Facing the Losses of Life
Session Two – A Christian View of Death
Session Three – Ministering to the Dying
Session Four – Coming Face to Face with Death
Session Five – Coping with Loss by Death
Session Six – Facing the “Little Deaths” of Life
Session Seven – The Language of Loss
Session Eight – The Language of Recovery
Session Nine – Lessons Learned Through Grief

Registration Fee: $50.00

Tuition Cost: $650.00

Program Total: 12 credit hours

*Materials Included

NACC Certification is NOT to be confused with state licensing. Most states have laws governing the practice of general counseling. These laws vary from state to state.

The purpose of state regulatory laws is to protect the public and ensure professionalism within the counseling profession. NACC strives to attain the same goals, and more. As Christians we know that counseling with the Word of God is the only answer for a dying world, yet at the same time, we must purpose to operate within the legal guidelines set forth by state regulations.

The state recognizes that counseling is one of the responsibilities of the local church. For this reason, the state does not interfere with the ministry of counseling, as long as counseling is provided under the following conditions:

1. That the counseling service is provided through a legally organized/operated local church or a nationally recognized denomination.

2. That the counselor is trained and commissioned by the legally recognized organization.

Please note that NACC does not “endorse” counselors who have completed one of our certificate programs. A significant part of any professional certification process is supervised counseling to observe if a student is appropriately applying what has been learned, along with periodic recertification requirements. Certification from our organization, represents that the student has completed the required coursework within that certificate program.

NACC has partnered with Christian Bible Institute & Seminary to offer degree programs and continuing professional education for its members.